बुधवार, 11 अक्तूबर 2017

The child in me..

Once he smiled,
Once he played,
had some time..
Once he had a life..

The child in me,
The wild in me,
Lost it's say,
Gone day by day..

Once he talked,
Once he rocked,
Had some sway,
Lost the will to play,

The child in me,
The wild in me,
Had a very little say,
Gone far away..

#the child in me..


Teach if you may

in such a tender way

For the child is raw

Just like soft clay..

Teach what you can

Teach only if you can

With your loving touch

Make him your fan

Give him little rope

He is sure to cope

Life is full of wonders

Give him little hope..

Cut him little slack

With a smile and a pat

Time is really short

Let's make it really great..

Dear friends..

Teach if you wish 

With a touch of your own

Go farther than the books ..

For life is beyond the books..

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