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Hinduism and Festivals..

Hinduism is the most environmental friendly religion.It believes in co existence with all living and non living beings.
Hindu festivals are designed according to weather cycle.

Sankranti marks Sun's transit to 'Makar'(Capricorn) marking the end of Winter.The days start getting longer.
Lohidi,Pongal,Sankranti the names may differ but these festivals mark the arrival of summers and new crop..

Holi is the spring festival..originated as 'Basantotsava' it marks the arrival of spring..

Chaitra Navratra begins from first day of the solar year.Nine days of fasting provides a period of praying and detox.

Acc to Hindu Calender Rainy season lasts from Jyeshtha to Bhadrapad..Rains leading to moisture,dampness and insects.
Deepawali/Diwali is not just lighting lamps.That's the least and last of it..

Cleaning and preparing houses n surrounding before winters is what Diwali is all about.
Burning of mustard oil diyas help kill the insects bred in Rainy days.Preparing a lot of food for coming days..

Diwali also provides us an occasion to rejuvenate our souls after enduring rains and staying indoors during monsoon..

Goverdhan Pooja is a way to show our gratitude to the livestock..

So no..our festivals are not just a way to strut around in finery and give lessons about environment.

We have a scientific reason behind every ritual which may have been modified through the course of time.

It's a fact.
ऊँ सहनाववतु
सहवीर्यं करवावहै,
अस्तु मा विद्विषावहै.
together we protect each other.


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